Facilitating Smart Farming in South Africa

Our farm practices a holistic approach that is cantered around building sustainable ecosystems.

With the heart of local economy in mind, House Harvest aims at building aquaponics farms that will supply fresh fish and leafy greens that are organic, great quality with a minimal carbon footprint. The business is built on ethical farming and leads in developing consultancy, training and education in climate smart agriculture (CSA).

House Harvest CEO Gugulethu Mahlangu is invested in research and development by involving the localized community to participate and further this innovative way of farming in South Africa. 


Why we are the Choice?

Our mission is unique — we are partnering with communities to grow urban smart farms by providing fresh, quality wholesome food in a sustainable manner. It serves as an industry-wide declaration of commitment. It conveys our major objective: from farm to fork. We are reinventing the future of smart farming in South Africa. We aim to increase awareness by enhancing and distributing work through shared publications, strong online presence, educational events to establish network exchanges (including rural cooperation and township projects).  

Witbank Aquaponics

Situated in Witbank, Mpumalanga - House Harvest pilots its first aquaponics facility taking up the JUST TRANSITION framework.

Transitioning Mpumalanga’s coal-heavy economy to higher levels of agricultural output could help create new businesses and jobs and improve the long-term economic resilience of the province as mines close and Eskom begins decommissioning power stations in line with the Integrated Resource Plan of 2019 (IRP 2019).

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Training & Talks

House Harvest understands the importance of trainings and expert advice in horticulture and smart farming business, which is why we provide access to professional services that are tailored to a customer's needs. Our CEO Gugulethu Mahlangu ensures that she dedicates her expertise to communities, schools, corporate and small-scale farmers. Mahlangu founded #farmspacesafrica in 2020 on X (Twitter) Spaces, where she brings experts to teach her African audience on agricultural topics..

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Some of our Published Works

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Smart Farms
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Communities Tell our Tales

House Harvest aims at offering a vertically integrated service to ensure that South Africa is aligned with its government Just Transition and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) mitigation targets by 2025. This has included related concepts in its energy and climate policies. This recognition reflects the importance of addressing social and economic implications alongside environmental considerations. House Harvest is positioned to fulfil this mandate towards South African farming communities to adapt smart farming (aquaponics), regenerative methods, training and by bringing awareness.